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     As your personal chef, I will do all of your menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up your kitchen. I prepare all of your weekly meals to your liking and specifications in 1-2 days in your kitchen. You may choose between a weekly service, biweekly service, or monthly service.

     Depending on the complexity of your menu and how many entrees you choose, I will be cooking in your kitchen anywhere from 4-8 hours on a given day. When I am done preparing your meals, I package them and label them with detailed re-heating instructions.

     Meals can be prepared for one or multiple people that are easy to heat up and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

     On your scheduled cook date, I’ll prepare up to six servings of three, four, five or six entrees with an appropriate side dish – a grain, pasta, or vegetable.

MEALS (Entree + Side): 

Three Meals (2 Servings) – $280 plus groceries 
Four Meals (2 Servings) – $340 plus groceries
Four Meals (4 Servings) – $400 plus groceries
Five Meals (4 Servings) – $480 plus groceries

Five Meals (6 Servings) – $560 plus groceries

Six Meals (4 Servings) – $560 plus groceries

Eight Meals (2 Servings) – $580 plus groceries

ENTREÉS (No Sides Included): 

Three Entrees (2 Servings) – $225 plus groceries 
Four Entrees (2 Servings) – $270 plus groceries
Four Entrees (4 Servings) – $330 plus groceries
Five Entrees (4 Servings) – $385 plus groceries

Five Entrees (6 Servings) – $455 plus groceries

Six Entrees (4 Servings) – $440 plus groceries

Eight Entrees (2 Servings) – $450 plus groceries

Prices include: 

  • Initial food and meal preparation assessment

  • Customized menus and recipe development

  • Grocery shopping

  • Meal preparation, in your home

  • Packaging and labeling, includes heating instructions

  • Kitchen clean up

  • Serving sizes = 1-2 adults or 2-3 small children’s portions

  • Special portion sizes available upon request

  • Special diets may incur additional cost depending on needs

*Price of groceries will depend on the types of foods preferred and specialty items needed. Other configurations are available upon special request.


**Additional entrees, servings, single serving portioning, full specialized menus and heartier, more complex side dishes and desserts have additional charges.


Special event services are priced on a per occasion basis and vary depending on the menu, number of people, and service required. I can work with you find the right menu for any type of event whether it is a theme dinner, special milestone, family gathering, or just a group of friends seeking a more personal experience.


Prices start at $325 + the cost of groceries.


(Example; A dinner party menu with appetizer, main dish, 2 side dishes, and dessert for 12 people would be around $95-100 per person.)

** Senior Citizens (75+) - 25% Discount **

** All Veterans - 25% Discount **

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